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April 2, 2010

I have so much to read. Wow. How will I ever find time. There should be better ways to reading. I never tried speed reading but I am considering it. At least to some degree. Or may be my interests are so wide that I run into this problem again and again. If it would be just writing that would be great, but I like philosophy, technology, business, politics, religion, photography, art, languages, and many more things. How do I cope with all of this? I want to keep up with all of it at once. IMPOSSIBLE. And so I end up in a corner against a giant of my interests and I lose. Then I have no interest for anything at all. But only for a short time. By the time the sun goes down I am again full of desire to learn something new.


Fail. New Beginning

February 12, 2010


Last night was disastrous concerning my routines. Extended family get together, going to bed late and staying in bed way past my usual time to get up.  Now there is much more about the family that I want to describe, emotionally and relationally so I can feel almost justified about breaking my routines. But the truth is a red reminder on my calendar.  What’s missed writing, wake up time, devotional time.

New Beginning.

I like this part. As life goes on we cannot stay in the past but move on with life. Every new day is a new beginning.  Or as I read somewhere: “Your mercies are new every morning”.

So I go on.


February 9, 2010

Over the last few weeks I had some questions about writing and got some good feedback. Great!  Where do I go from here?

  1. Add a routine of writing every day.
  2. Going to look for counseling about college and possible enrollment into a summer quarter.
  3. Add intentional reading time to a day routine as well.  Any suggestions?
  4. Question.  What is/was the most useful resource in your writing development?  Book, blog, anything.

Routines seem to be a good thing for me. Somewhere before the New Year I started a routine of getting up at 6:00 am and so far it has worked awesome. A big part of my life-style has changed. And so I am sticking to  routines as my primary way of development as a writer.

That’s my decision.

Child’s Play

February 1, 2010

I do like quietness and prefer time alone to a party.

But not now and not here.

We are in the noisiest place in the world and it’s full of children; a playground right in the middle of the local mall. I even had a thought that I would like come here to watch children play and write. May be I want to follow advice from my friend “Be like a child”.

What is it like to be a child? I already forgot. My soul forged in the battles of life learned how to fight, lie, to be prideful and unforgiving, causing it to be callused.  Not so of the child. Their attention span hold them by the toy as long as it is useful or fun no more holding on to things that holds you back. Their offences last but a second yet they learn whom to trust and whom not without a word spoken. Their joy lasts longer than their hurts and at the end they know where they belong.  Ah, and by the way they don’t ask if they are called to one toy or another they try and find what brings them the most joy.

We are all children, only our games became more complicated and joy is shortlived.

Catch up.

January 30, 2010

Writing, writing, writing and one more time writing. I am trying to write as much as I can and I love having ideas and trying to develop them in different ways. Then most important is to keep it alive amid all the busyness of everyday. It was easier back in Ukraine where I had a separate room for work and could close myself up there early in the morning without disturbing and waking up my wife and my kids. Not so here. As I wake up all the kids and my wife are up as well and I have no time for myself.

Well there is just one thing I have to do. In a words of the horse from the “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron”

“Sometimes a horse has got to do what a horse has got to do.”

Keep on writing.


January 27, 2010


Do words speak to you as they do to me? Or do they simply convey some information? What does “awe” says to you?

I remember asking some more knowledgeable Ukrainian friends what this three-letter word meant and then after a while trying to teach this word to eager ESL learners.

It’s like a… well… like when you are…

I couldn’t even find words to explain it. It was so full of meaning… alive… speaking a world to me.

Learning a second language was a benefit to me. Every new word was a drink of fresh grape juice. Sweet, tart and refreshing. Yum.

When I write, sometimes I still can feel it in my mouth.

I wonder

January 25, 2010

I wonder how humanity will look in twenty years.

Augmented reality.

January 25, 2010

“Daddy, daddy, tell me a story!”  Have you ever heard a phrase like that?

When I was a child, every six months I had to leave home and stay in a hospital-like boarding school for a few weeks. I had to have a treatment for my broken arm, shoulder and collar-bone. I think I liked those times because I was taken out of ordinary, big part of which I disliked or was afraid of.

One of those times I met a real writer. Why do I say that? Let me explain. He was a boy older than me and he wrote fairy tales. What’s so amazing about it? It was his view of reality. He didn’t read many of his stories to me if any at all, may be some excerpts that captured my mind and my imagination.

“How do you find all those ideas and thoughts? How do you find what to write about?” I asked him once.

“Do you see that tree?” he said pointing to a big, weather-beaten and deformed tree. Its big branches and trunk were covered in knots.


“When I look at that tree,” he continued,” I see a prince under a curse of a witch struggling to get the magic off him and finally becoming a deformed tree, waiting for liberation.”

And since then I see writing as augmented reality, enhanced by childlike imagination, bringing to life the things unseen.

no posts for few days

January 19, 2010

If you are wondering were am I and if this blog will continue, here is a short answer. We’re on the move. We are going to States for nine months or so. But for our family to pack and get ready is a project that takes many days. So consequently no posts till Thursday or Friday.

Questions, questions, questions.

January 16, 2010

Writing is a huge field. It ranges from a kids writing to journalism, from tech writing to sci-fi. How do you find your spot? Or how did you find your spot?

I think self-evaluation is good. But what questions to ask?

I thought of a couple.

What do you read?

What did you like to read when you were teenager?  I skip kid’s age ‘because you mostly read kid’s books.

It seems like I wanted to write sci-fi  at some point.  Now I am not sure about it. I don’t know where sci-fi is now. Or do you need to know the current tendencies?  Looks like I like editorials, opinions, tech writing. But it is because that’s what I am reading.

Also a transfer to a web journaling had influence on my writing. How do you deal with that and do you need too? Questions, questions ,questions.