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Time to write

March 24, 2010
I had so many thought and now they are gone. There is only one truth, if you are not pushing forward you are going back. It’s not a plateau, friend. It’s not a plateau. That’s why I think Christianity is so amazing. We all did not push forward, but rather went down. So deep. There was no way and no redemption for us. Until Christ. I somehow managed to be on a top for a while. Somehow I kept my routine and developed a habit and one day it was gone like I didn’t have any strength left. “Push forward, just do it.” Yeah, right. There was no way in me.

How Valuable Are You?

February 12, 2010

Do you know how valuable you are? What is the price tag on you forehead? Do you have one?

Where does the value of your life come from?  Is it important at all? Some may argue there is none but I think for the sake of self-development we need to put aside such thinking. If you have ever watched kids playing with their toys you can understand my point. If a toy has no value in a child’s eyes it’s easily forgotten and the life-span of such a toy is short. But if there is anything important to the child she will take care of it. I don’t think we as adults went too far from this truth and its implication on our self-development. Hard drinkers, drug addicts and many others of such categories have a low self-esteem. You can hear them telling in a smoked-through voice about themselves: “What am I worth? I am worth nothing.”

And they can’t be farther from the truth. I find many reasons why people are priceless and many well-known thinkers offer their thought on it. Consider the words of Carl Sagan from the well-known “Cosmos” series.

“We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself.”
Carl Sagan

What a thought. What does it tell you about yourself or about people around you? That we are the way for Cosmos to communicate! We are unique expressions of its vastness and beauty. And there won’t be another one like you. How valuable does it make you?  Eternally valuable.

Think of yourself as a unique stroke on great painting or a spice that can be discerned by a professional gourmet.

Now what are the things that hold you from holding such a unique and high value of yourself.

  1. Wrong friends and /or important people in our lives.

The simple truth about it is that we become people we hang out with. So if you have friends or important people in your life that put you down, leave them. And if they have a low self-esteem, help them.  If those people are not around, disagree with them.

  1. Un-forgiveness. People hurt us and we hurt others. The things that helped me were first to ask forgiveness from God. I had to do it and it dealt with guilt that was so deeply engraved in my life. Then I had to forgive myself for the things I did to myself and to others. After that I stopped blaming people for the way things went in my life and forgave those who hurt me. And though I didn’t have people around me that I hurt, I think it would be important to ask such people for forgiveness as well.

Those were the two first steps that helped me in a long way of recovery from my old self. And certainly there is more to this topic than described in this article but these two things may help you to start seeing yourself in a different light.

Please remember though, I am not talking about pride here but rather a value of every individual.

Fail. New Beginning

February 12, 2010


Last night was disastrous concerning my routines. Extended family get together, going to bed late and staying in bed way past my usual time to get up.  Now there is much more about the family that I want to describe, emotionally and relationally so I can feel almost justified about breaking my routines. But the truth is a red reminder on my calendar.  What’s missed writing, wake up time, devotional time.

New Beginning.

I like this part. As life goes on we cannot stay in the past but move on with life. Every new day is a new beginning.  Or as I read somewhere: “Your mercies are new every morning”.

So I go on.


February 9, 2010

Over the last few weeks I had some questions about writing and got some good feedback. Great!  Where do I go from here?

  1. Add a routine of writing every day.
  2. Going to look for counseling about college and possible enrollment into a summer quarter.
  3. Add intentional reading time to a day routine as well.  Any suggestions?
  4. Question.  What is/was the most useful resource in your writing development?  Book, blog, anything.

Routines seem to be a good thing for me. Somewhere before the New Year I started a routine of getting up at 6:00 am and so far it has worked awesome. A big part of my life-style has changed. And so I am sticking to  routines as my primary way of development as a writer.

That’s my decision.

Back to writing.

February 6, 2010

Back to Writing
I am an amateur writer and so I do research on best writing practices, techniques and exercises. A few days ago I saw an article stating that practice is more important than talent or inspiration. Is it so? How important are writing exercises? I do not write everyday but I want to make it a new routine in my schedule and wonder if it is worth it.
Another thing is; how important is education to your writing? I am considering applying for community college to try to fill holes in my English proficiency. I know that education is important but also it can put some boundaries to what you can and can’t do with language.
A third inquiry is reading. How important is reading to your development as a writer? And how do you find time for it if you have a family? I struggle with this one a lot. Can’t make time for it and can’t even get into what I am reading. I used to be addicted to reading and could swallow the biggest book in a matter of days. But if it is important I better get to it.
That’s where I am at the moment and considering which road to take next.

Article on procrastination

February 1, 2010

Is your busyness a cover up for procrastination? Here is an article I found on this topic. It seems to be pointing in the right direction with some small suggestions what to do about it at the end. Check this link to find more.

Update on my routines.

January 30, 2010

I am over jet-leg now and back to my routines. Getting up early got much better. My alarm is set at 6:00 am instead of 6:45 am as I started this routine. I enjoy this. I used to be an owl and stay up late and wake up late. I never had energy or joy in the morning. Now I am a new person J.  I like mornings. I have more energy in the morning and by the evening I am all sleepy and tired and so is my wife and my children. So far this change proved to be beneficial. Great. Next step would be getting up still earlier around 5:30am or 5:00am.

It’s important to remember I am not motivated to get up by my work but rather by the desire of change and some other motivational aspects. I used to get up early for my work but it was dreadful. I would be still so tired and sleepy in the morning and then would still stay up late. It was a nightmarish circle.

About my devotional time (reading bible and prayer) is a little different story and needs improvement. Reasons for it are different and need more time to be analyzed.

Catch up.

January 30, 2010

Writing, writing, writing and one more time writing. I am trying to write as much as I can and I love having ideas and trying to develop them in different ways. Then most important is to keep it alive amid all the busyness of everyday. It was easier back in Ukraine where I had a separate room for work and could close myself up there early in the morning without disturbing and waking up my wife and my kids. Not so here. As I wake up all the kids and my wife are up as well and I have no time for myself.

Well there is just one thing I have to do. In a words of the horse from the “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron”

“Sometimes a horse has got to do what a horse has got to do.”

Keep on writing.


January 24, 2010

As I walk the road of change using different tools I find along the way to help the progress I also find some foes.

I decided not to drink coffee (not a rule but a guideline) especially after 6:00pm and no sugar after same hour. It was easy to do home in Ukraine. No good coffee, no time to make it, process itself is complicated since we don’t have coffee maker there. Now all of that is changed. We are staying at my mother-in-law and everything is different in the land of opportunities. Coffee is everywhere, easily available and served in different flavors. Temptation. The price for drinking coffee in my case is headaches, loss of energy in a long run. So I try to avoid it. But it’s a struggle. Now it’s not big yet but every time I am offered a cup of a bitter drink I am tempted to answer ”yes, please.”

Routines, routines, routines.

January 15, 2010

Routines, routines, routines.

Today is the day 37 (with one day missed) as I am holding on to my two routines. It’s a huge step forward and I can see how my body adjusts to this new thing. By now I am getting up before alarm clock and my morning energy and concentration levels are way higher than they have ever been. So far, so good.

One important thing I notice is, that while you can choose just one or two routines you wish to follow the potential change effect from them will touch more than just that particular area or areas of life. What I mean by that is that while I started my “early wake up” routine I realize that I can’t stay up as late as I used to. I did stay up till past midnight few times during this 37 days and it was not good. I had to change this habit to accommodate my routine. And it had great impact on my family as well. Being husband and a father I couldn’t just leave everybody and go to bed earlier by myself. My whole family got the tendency to go to bed earlier.  Another change I try not to drink any coffee or caffeinated pop but mostly black tea. I have really bad withdrawal effect after I drink coffee or coke but not after tea. Usually it’s a huge headaches which can ruin my day. So if you want to change you need to think wider than just one area of life. Most likely it’s connected to some other areas that my need your attention as well.

Right now I am planning to get my routines adjust a little bit. I want to get up even earlier. Few days ago I woke up around 4:30 am and because I went to bed early enough I felt really good at that time both emotionally and physically. I noticed that before as well so I want to move my wake up time till about 5:00 am. But not yet.

Wow. Writing about it gives me joy and energy I needed. As I started the day I was feeling like I had to fight for my routines against the giant of drudgery. What to do when you are doing your routines for a long time and all the excitement starts disappearing and even reasoning doesn’t provide with enough strength to hold on? I wrote about it before here. But writing about my routines  helped me to get my focus back on track. So I will hold on.