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Social health care as I remember it.

December 24, 2009

I was born in former USSR and we had social health care. And as I remember it sucked. Sorry, but it did. We had great doctors, bad technologies and this trend continues into all of the past Soviet countries. Ukraine is considering changing health care from social to privately owned. As I think that government is to govern or to create fair rules for the best practices of hospitals or clinics. Sure I am against some practices in health care, but I am against certain practices in economy, but it would be a great fall for US to create social economy rather than capitalism. Just make some good rules guys, don’t try to run everything.



December 15, 2009

We ate some bananas today with the family. Simple product nothing special. But as I recall we didn’t have them in Ukraine during Soviet Union. I had my first banana when I was about 5 years old, second at the beggining of the Great Soviet Collapse. It was green like green could be, you had to keep them in the dark place for a week or two to get ripe. You right, we ate them green. It was ” difficit” as we called it.
As I think you can’t produce a product yourself, sell it to yourself, then tax your own income and run the rest of the country on it.