How Valuable Are You?

Do you know how valuable you are? What is the price tag on you forehead? Do you have one?

Where does the value of your life come from?  Is it important at all? Some may argue there is none but I think for the sake of self-development we need to put aside such thinking. If you have ever watched kids playing with their toys you can understand my point. If a toy has no value in a child’s eyes it’s easily forgotten and the life-span of such a toy is short. But if there is anything important to the child she will take care of it. I don’t think we as adults went too far from this truth and its implication on our self-development. Hard drinkers, drug addicts and many others of such categories have a low self-esteem. You can hear them telling in a smoked-through voice about themselves: “What am I worth? I am worth nothing.”

And they can’t be farther from the truth. I find many reasons why people are priceless and many well-known thinkers offer their thought on it. Consider the words of Carl Sagan from the well-known “Cosmos” series.

“We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself.”
Carl Sagan

What a thought. What does it tell you about yourself or about people around you? That we are the way for Cosmos to communicate! We are unique expressions of its vastness and beauty. And there won’t be another one like you. How valuable does it make you?  Eternally valuable.

Think of yourself as a unique stroke on great painting or a spice that can be discerned by a professional gourmet.

Now what are the things that hold you from holding such a unique and high value of yourself.

  1. Wrong friends and /or important people in our lives.

The simple truth about it is that we become people we hang out with. So if you have friends or important people in your life that put you down, leave them. And if they have a low self-esteem, help them.  If those people are not around, disagree with them.

  1. Un-forgiveness. People hurt us and we hurt others. The things that helped me were first to ask forgiveness from God. I had to do it and it dealt with guilt that was so deeply engraved in my life. Then I had to forgive myself for the things I did to myself and to others. After that I stopped blaming people for the way things went in my life and forgave those who hurt me. And though I didn’t have people around me that I hurt, I think it would be important to ask such people for forgiveness as well.

Those were the two first steps that helped me in a long way of recovery from my old self. And certainly there is more to this topic than described in this article but these two things may help you to start seeing yourself in a different light.

Please remember though, I am not talking about pride here but rather a value of every individual.


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