Over the last few weeks I had some questions about writing and got some good feedback. Great!  Where do I go from here?

  1. Add a routine of writing every day.
  2. Going to look for counseling about college and possible enrollment into a summer quarter.
  3. Add intentional reading time to a day routine as well.  Any suggestions?
  4. Question.  What is/was the most useful resource in your writing development?  Book, blog, anything.

Routines seem to be a good thing for me. Somewhere before the New Year I started a routine of getting up at 6:00 am and so far it has worked awesome. A big part of my life-style has changed. And so I am sticking to  routines as my primary way of development as a writer.

That’s my decision.


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One Response to “Decision”

  1. Mike Schut Says:

    Hey this looks great!!

    The biggest target for me with my writing is elaboration. This is composed of many parts…adjectives, productive pre-writes, adjectives, expanding vocabulary, adjectives, visual word pictures, adjectives, never-ending revision and oh yeah, adjectives.


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