Back to writing.

Back to Writing
I am an amateur writer and so I do research on best writing practices, techniques and exercises. A few days ago I saw an article stating that practice is more important than talent or inspiration. Is it so? How important are writing exercises? I do not write everyday but I want to make it a new routine in my schedule and wonder if it is worth it.
Another thing is; how important is education to your writing? I am considering applying for community college to try to fill holes in my English proficiency. I know that education is important but also it can put some boundaries to what you can and can’t do with language.
A third inquiry is reading. How important is reading to your development as a writer? And how do you find time for it if you have a family? I struggle with this one a lot. Can’t make time for it and can’t even get into what I am reading. I used to be addicted to reading and could swallow the biggest book in a matter of days. But if it is important I better get to it.
That’s where I am at the moment and considering which road to take next.


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4 Responses to “Back to writing.”

  1. cherilaser Says:

    Hi! All three are critical: writing every day, reading every day, and ongoing education, focusing not only on writing techniques but on the basics of spelling, punctuation, and correct sentence construction.

    Even famous, prolific authors continue to make time for all three elements, so hang in there and keep working on ways to fit everything into your life and schedule! Anything is possible, if the passion for the dream is strong enough.

    If you have a minute, I invite you to visit my blog. If you start with the Blog Launch Posting on November 4, you’ll catch up quickly on the plan–and there are a number of tips and links throughout subsequent posts that might prove to be helpful to you.

    All the best,

  2. catherinewanderer Says:

    They’ve got it absolutely correct. The more you write, the better you get, no matter whether you’ve taken every advanced writing course in the world or only taken three years of formal school. Reading helps too, of course, but it doesn’t have to be books [obviously]. Something you’re passionate about… read magazines about it. Follow a few people’s blogs… just get a feel for the different ways you can bend grammar rules. I’d say sure, go the college for a bit, because formal training is always useful, but it’s not necessary. As long as you just write and write and write, and don’t worry about what you’re doing “right” or “wrong”, you’ll develop your own style, that the world will find interesting and valuable and ultimately will help you become successful in whatever you do.

    Good luck : ]

    • brkrm77 Says:

      Thanks for your comment and advice. I am following some writing blogs. Actually it takes me whole morning just to check my rss feeder :). Probably I will need to scale back on that and spend more time writing :).

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