My wife’s love

As the Valentine’s Day approaches, I thought to write about my wife. It’s a total surprise and she has no clue I am doing it. And I am not even going to ask her to check this post for errors. So if you will find any leave a note in comments and I will fix it.

And so my wife is the expression of God’s kindness to me. To say that she is beautiful is only to praise a wrapper and forget about the candy . Her love for me is expressed in so many ways and makes me the man I am. I think of so many things she gave up to my benefit. Here is an example. I want to study online in the local Community College and I bother her to give me an advice, should I or should I not study. And she is all the way supportive. “Pray and see” – she says – “but I will support you anyway”. It seems like a little thing but imagine all the time I need to do my study and her have to spend on keeping all household in order. Even my move to the blogging is a sacrifice of time for her. Through all this I see her commitment to my happiness. It’s expressed both in words and deeds.

And it reminds me the story I heard last Sunday in the church about David and Mephibosheth. You may have not heard it and if you want the full story try “googling” it. Here is a punch line: “David said, Is there not yet any of the house of Saul, that I may show the kindness of God unto him?” (2 Sam. 9:3)

And so I think God thought “how can I show Roman My kindness?” and then the answer was: “Rebecca.”


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5 Responses to “My wife’s love”

  1. vvdenman Says:

    It’s such a small world that I should stumble on your post today. The kids and I have been reading 2 Samuel this week in our morning devotional. All about Mephibosheth.

    So, I can see how deeply you love you wife. Just as David gave Mephibosheth everything he would need for the rest of his life, your wife apparently blesses you in the same way. Or, rather like you said, God is blessing you through her.

    You are truly blessed. But your wife is blessed even more – to have a husband like you.

    Happy Valentines’ Day.

  2. brkrm77 Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you too.

  3. love calculator Says:

    Howdy, I was researching the net for ideas for valentines day and I came across your website. Keep up the good work.

  4. rebecca Says:

    Happy Valentine’s My Love!!

    I have to agree with the comment above that says, “your wife is even more blessed to have a husband like you.” Isn’t that an understatement.
    You my love have brought so many beautiful changes to my life. I learn so much from you.
    You are an example of patience, servanthood, kindness, and sooooo much more. I am sure there is plenty that you have given up for me, like moments on the computer relaxing to take care of the kids or do the dishes (even after you have made a meal and I wasn’t feeling well) :o) Or times that you may rather be alone to spend time with family and friends……….
    Thank you so much for being someone I can trust, for your desire to be open and for being such an awesome friend, husband and father.

    And for your inspiration as you go for your dreams and desires, even if it is taking small steps. I am proud of your writing especially since English is not your first language.

    I love you…..

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