Child’s Play

I do like quietness and prefer time alone to a party.

But not now and not here.

We are in the noisiest place in the world and it’s full of children; a playground right in the middle of the local mall. I even had a thought that I would like come here to watch children play and write. May be I want to follow advice from my friend “Be like a child”.

What is it like to be a child? I already forgot. My soul forged in the battles of life learned how to fight, lie, to be prideful and unforgiving, causing it to be callused.  Not so of the child. Their attention span hold them by the toy as long as it is useful or fun no more holding on to things that holds you back. Their offences last but a second yet they learn whom to trust and whom not without a word spoken. Their joy lasts longer than their hurts and at the end they know where they belong.  Ah, and by the way they don’t ask if they are called to one toy or another they try and find what brings them the most joy.

We are all children, only our games became more complicated and joy is shortlived.


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