Update on my routines.

I am over jet-leg now and back to my routines. Getting up early got much better. My alarm is set at 6:00 am instead of 6:45 am as I started this routine. I enjoy this. I used to be an owl and stay up late and wake up late. I never had energy or joy in the morning. Now I am a new person J.  I like mornings. I have more energy in the morning and by the evening I am all sleepy and tired and so is my wife and my children. So far this change proved to be beneficial. Great. Next step would be getting up still earlier around 5:30am or 5:00am.

It’s important to remember I am not motivated to get up by my work but rather by the desire of change and some other motivational aspects. I used to get up early for my work but it was dreadful. I would be still so tired and sleepy in the morning and then would still stay up late. It was a nightmarish circle.

About my devotional time (reading bible and prayer) is a little different story and needs improvement. Reasons for it are different and need more time to be analyzed.


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