Augmented reality.

“Daddy, daddy, tell me a story!”  Have you ever heard a phrase like that?

When I was a child, every six months I had to leave home and stay in a hospital-like boarding school for a few weeks. I had to have a treatment for my broken arm, shoulder and collar-bone. I think I liked those times because I was taken out of ordinary, big part of which I disliked or was afraid of.

One of those times I met a real writer. Why do I say that? Let me explain. He was a boy older than me and he wrote fairy tales. What’s so amazing about it? It was his view of reality. He didn’t read many of his stories to me if any at all, may be some excerpts that captured my mind and my imagination.

“How do you find all those ideas and thoughts? How do you find what to write about?” I asked him once.

“Do you see that tree?” he said pointing to a big, weather-beaten and deformed tree. Its big branches and trunk were covered in knots.


“When I look at that tree,” he continued,” I see a prince under a curse of a witch struggling to get the magic off him and finally becoming a deformed tree, waiting for liberation.”

And since then I see writing as augmented reality, enhanced by childlike imagination, bringing to life the things unseen.


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