As I walk the road of change using different tools I find along the way to help the progress I also find some foes.

I decided not to drink coffee (not a rule but a guideline) especially after 6:00pm and no sugar after same hour. It was easy to do home in Ukraine. No good coffee, no time to make it, process itself is complicated since we don’t have coffee maker there. Now all of that is changed. We are staying at my mother-in-law and everything is different in the land of opportunities. Coffee is everywhere, easily available and served in different flavors. Temptation. The price for drinking coffee in my case is headaches, loss of energy in a long run. So I try to avoid it. But it’s a struggle. Now it’s not big yet but every time I am offered a cup of a bitter drink I am tempted to answer ”yes, please.”


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One Response to “Temptations.”

  1. dressingmyself Says:

    I like coffee so much that I have instructed my husband to remind me not to drink it after 6pm. (It keeps me awake).

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