Questions, questions, questions.

Writing is a huge field. It ranges from a kids writing to journalism, from tech writing to sci-fi. How do you find your spot? Or how did you find your spot?

I think self-evaluation is good. But what questions to ask?

I thought of a couple.

What do you read?

What did you like to read when you were teenager?  I skip kid’s age ‘because you mostly read kid’s books.

It seems like I wanted to write sci-fi  at some point.  Now I am not sure about it. I don’t know where sci-fi is now. Or do you need to know the current tendencies?  Looks like I like editorials, opinions, tech writing. But it is because that’s what I am reading.

Also a transfer to a web journaling had influence on my writing. How do you deal with that and do you need too? Questions, questions ,questions.


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