Routines, routines, routines.

Routines, routines, routines.

Today is the day 37 (with one day missed) as I am holding on to my two routines. It’s a huge step forward and I can see how my body adjusts to this new thing. By now I am getting up before alarm clock and my morning energy and concentration levels are way higher than they have ever been. So far, so good.

One important thing I notice is, that while you can choose just one or two routines you wish to follow the potential change effect from them will touch more than just that particular area or areas of life. What I mean by that is that while I started my “early wake up” routine I realize that I can’t stay up as late as I used to. I did stay up till past midnight few times during this 37 days and it was not good. I had to change this habit to accommodate my routine. And it had great impact on my family as well. Being husband and a father I couldn’t just leave everybody and go to bed earlier by myself. My whole family got the tendency to go to bed earlier.  Another change I try not to drink any coffee or caffeinated pop but mostly black tea. I have really bad withdrawal effect after I drink coffee or coke but not after tea. Usually it’s a huge headaches which can ruin my day. So if you want to change you need to think wider than just one area of life. Most likely it’s connected to some other areas that my need your attention as well.

Right now I am planning to get my routines adjust a little bit. I want to get up even earlier. Few days ago I woke up around 4:30 am and because I went to bed early enough I felt really good at that time both emotionally and physically. I noticed that before as well so I want to move my wake up time till about 5:00 am. But not yet.

Wow. Writing about it gives me joy and energy I needed. As I started the day I was feeling like I had to fight for my routines against the giant of drudgery. What to do when you are doing your routines for a long time and all the excitement starts disappearing and even reasoning doesn’t provide with enough strength to hold on? I wrote about it before here. But writing about my routines  helped me to get my focus back on track. So I will hold on.


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