Web blogging or hand written diary

I notice that since I stared blogging my thought process changed. I think I was more honest in my paper dairy than here. And it’s normal to a degree. I am not here to pour out my soul to anyone who may come by. I have pretty specific ideas about what I want to write here. But the problem is that I have two blogs now and by the time I finish updating them I don’t have much time to write in my hard copy diary.

Now, when I hear myself talking about not having enough time I understand that I am talking about priorities not about time. So I need to get disciplined to do it. And I know I have time to write but I may not feel like it or just being lazy. Interesting that procrastination is like animals with many heads. You may defeat it on one front it will come up in the other. Now that I am up with two of my routines I think it’s time to analyze my life again and see what other areas need improvement.


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