Writing as a calling

It seems like more and more I feel that I want to be a writer. It’s actually good because before I didn’t know what I want to be. I still have a lot of interests but it seems like that is the way my heart leads me.

I remember I asked for a prayer and advice from one of my friends or mentors about calling in my life. I told him I feel confused and don’t know what to do with myself. After some time of prayer he said the best advice I could ever get. He said the magic words that didn’t make sense to me at that time but make perfect sense now. Are you ready to hear? He said: “I feel like you should just try things.” I was kind of disappointed because I wanted to hear something like you are a full-time rat catcher 🙂 or anything else but specific. That would be a disaster; I would rebel against it even if it would be the greatest vocation on the face of the Earth. I had to try things to find out myself and see where my heart leads me. And now looking back I can say I knew it all along. It’s something I would do even if I wouldn’t get paid or get published.

Now I am not getting my hopes high or anything. I learned that the best things achieved when conceived without high hopes and expectations. I just think I will try to develop some of the writing skills and see where that leads.


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2 Responses to “Writing as a calling”

  1. uninvoked Says:

    That’s what did too. I’m happy in my “real” job, and confident in my writing. Maybe it isn’t perfect, but it’s a good life, and I love living it.

  2. brkrm77 Says:

    Thank you for your comment. I am just coming to realization of what or who I am and have long road in front of me. And even if I am mistaken now I know how to look for it next time.
    I just checked your web page. It’s really unique. So is the story (I just started reading it).

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