Update on my routines

Today is day 28 for my routines with one day missed. Wow it’s actually amazing. When I started my two routines, I didn’t know if I will succeed. All my previous experience would lead me to believe that I will fail. But I am already past 21 day mark, which was my goal. And my testimony that it is a sheer grace again. I am the same man I was, nothing changed but all my previous attempts have failed and this one has not.

We are going to US at the end of the month and after we will arrive there I will need to adjust my routines. And after that is done I may add some other ones to the list.

I do wake up earlier than I used to before and actually feeling pretty good in the morning but I still have problem concentrating so early. The point of the routine is for it to become a routine ( to be continued after 21 day) but I hope that my owl nature will change and my morning concentration will improve as well.


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