Critique of the Republican party

I am not a person who follows politics too closely. I do follow it to some extent and you would probably call me an average person concerning it. And if anything I am a conservative and probably Republican. Yet I would offer my small critique of its stance. As I observe political games in the US, I unwillingly come to a metaphor were I see GOP as older generation and Dems as a young rebellious generation and consequently I see more young people are turning their votes for Democrats. Thinking more about it I see one fundamental difference between them. It seems to me as an average person that Democrats have vision and Republicans don’t. However scary that vision is (to me as a person from USSR) but they have it and communicate it. They are political radicals and youth follows radical examples. Sadly that used to be more conservative people who were counted as radicals (William Wilberforce to take one). I am standing by the principals and values of conservative movement but I would like for conservatives to get the vision how those values are bettering (?) their people, how they can apply them to their politics for the good of the nation. Or if they got one, they may need better ways to communicate it.

Now it could be a problem with me and I just didn’t catch their vision or maybe they really didn’t do a good job of communicating it to people. I shared my subjective opinion and think that overcoming whatever obstacles in getting and communicating their vision would be beneficial to GOP.


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