The cost of the missed day

Just checked my rootein account to mark my routines and found out that the cost of a missed day in the process of building a routine is high. After doing it for 21 days (22 actually) I am back on the day 1. Woe to me. Ok’, no woes, please. But yesterday I posted that it’s ok’ after doing it for so long to miss a day. Well obviously people who created that web application didn’t think so. And truthfully neither do I now. I got up in time today and I feel more strength to do things, so it worked, but I don’t think that the point is just to do it for 21 days. It’s just the beginning of the creation of the habit, routine is actually starts after your habit is build and you take your energy from that habit to fuel daily routine. So what’s the price of a missed day? And do I agree  with creators of that website that after 22 days I am back to square 1? I should say yes, I agree. I better be more harsh with myself now but be better off tomorrow than taking it easy only to find myself undisciplined again.  I have 19 days before our flight to US so I better get to it before I will be hit with another foe, jet lag.


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