No routines for New Year.

You have to have breaks, especially if you are going to bed at 4 am and supposed to get up at 6:45 am. Two hours is just not enough. I did one of my routines but I had to pass one. My older daughter fell of the bed, got scared (thankfully her bed is low) and started to cry about 5 am. I held her for a bit and put her back to sleep. After that I read Bible for a little while (which is one of my routines) went back to bed and woke up around 10am. I am on the 23rd day of my routines and it sad to miss one.

My new routines should be to go to bed earlier and have my postings done on schedule, rather than by only inspiration. But I am not going to start them yet. I want to have more time with the current ones.


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