Lack of sleep

Once I was in the ESL class somewhere by the Seattle while studying at TESOL Discovery Bay. It was a part of the required outreach for the school. The school itself was pretty intense and lack of sleep was a norm for the students. So we are in this high intermediate ESL class observing students and to our surprise the text they were using was about lack of sleep. How it influences you, how it accumulates, and it gave a good laugh since all the TESOL students who were present were not asleep only because of the amount of coffee consumed, we all had this “lack of sleep”. Holidays are enemies of routines. For last few nights I was going to bed after 2 am and then getting up at 6:45 and my routines are turn into nightmare. It’s pretty hard to get up if all sleep you get is 4 to 5 hours, and then it’s even harder to focus on reading the Bible and praying. It’s been 19 days since  started my routines and though it seems more automatic for me to get up early, the battle is still raging.


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